We welcome customers, in a location overlooking the sea ...
Seafood restaurant in Lido di Camaiore
Seafood restaurant in Lido di Camaiore
We welcome customers, in a location overlooking the sea ...
Seafood restaurant in Lido di Camaiore
We welcome customers, in a location overlooking the sea ...
Seafood restaurant in Lido di Camaiore
We welcome customers, in a location overlooking the sea ...
4 reasons to come to us
We will accept your every wish
A la carte menu with seafood specialties (landfare, pizza)
Fantastic location directly on the sea
Excellent customer reviews
Local raw materials at km 0
seafood mix
6 mixed samples of the sea:
- warm sea salad with squid, prawns, rocket and fresh cherry tomatoes
- taste of boiled octopus with house dressing
- smoked swordfish carpaccio
- fried sea meatballs
- fried anchovies from the Tyrrhenian Sea
- local marinated anchovies
mixed salad with decoration.
The composition of the dish may change depending on the catch.

The Tuscan land appetizer is a mix of tastes from our hills: from cold cuts to typical local cheeses, vegetable garden and bruschetta.
First Course
seafood and landfare
- Paccheri alla Trabaccolara: typical Viareggio recipe with mixed fish sautéed directly in the pan and shaded with ... .... It is a white dish but it is the fault of the fresh cherry tomatoes if you see it slightly pink.
- Spaghetti allo Scoglio: famous seafood dish (mussels and clams) customized by us with some additions such as ....... It is a white dish as there is no tomato.
- Linguine alle Vongole Veraci: the veraci sautéed directly in the pan bring out ... sea flavor. White plate.
- Bavette alla Pescatora: red sauce that blends well the different types of fish of this dish so fragrant.
- Sea risotto: the mouth opens, the eyes close and the dream begins; thinking of the sea.

Among the first courses of earth we suggest the Tordelli alla Camaiorese with a filling of meat and spices and ragu sauce, just like our grandmothers did.
Second Course
for all tastes
The main courses we offer are varied: from mixed fries (squid and prawns or paranza) to grilled fish, from Catalan crustaceans with vegetables and fruit in pinzimonio to sea and octopus salads with potatoes, from fresh tuna and swordfish steaks with seafood soups.
A special mention, however, deserves our cacciucco alla viareggina without bones: to try at least once in a lifetime.
classics and specials
We are not a pizzeria, however, if you want pizza, try it. You will not regret. The "seafood" ask for it with a touch of garlic oil and chilli.
refreshing and greedy
More than sweets, they look like works of art. But will they also be good?
For example, try the hot cocoa phyllo dough made in the oven with a chocolate fondue and pears in a plate decorated with strawberries, fruit and cream. Ask for the addition of a drop of Gran Marnier.
Or the cheese cake and the white tiramisu with berries from our chef.
Below there is our complete menu at your disposal. Choose whether to consult the book catalog, or download the PDF file.
Contact us
The priority for those who cook is attention to people's well-being.
Viale Europa, 124, 55041 Lido di Camaiore LU

Restaurant in Lido di Camaiore | Sole Restaurant

In the splendid Versilia, in a unique location ...

Ristorante Sole was created to upset your way of getting to know catering. Located in a fantastic location, inside a famous bathing establishment, it is a restaurant in Lido di Camaiore with a direct view of the sea. Known throughout Tuscany for its seafood specialties, it is ready to accommodate your every desire.

Not just fish. Don't you love seafood? No problem.

Tuscan appetizers (cold cuts, cheeses, croutons), first courses of the land, grilled meats are prepared with care to satisfy even the most demanding.

Do you want to eat a Pizza instead? Then you absolutely must savor our warm and fragrant, highly digestible pizzas. We only use exclusive ingredients from Italian excellence.

Making sure your meals are perfect is our mission. Not a temporary fallback.

Bagno Sole